4 Proven Ways to Boost Your Positive Online Reviews

Boost Your Positive Online Reviews

Nothing is as fulfilling as having plenty of positive online reviews. In fact, boosting positive online reviews is one of the finest forms of online marketing that can drive prospective customers right to your front door through a word of mouth. The Power of Feedback According to Inc., one of the things that can keep […]

Conversation Control: Improve Online Customer Reviews!

Improve Online Reviews

Top sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Amazon all fall under a continuously growing and shifting segment of “Review Forums.” These Review Forums are extensive, and it is inarguable that they have the greatest impact on consumer purchasing.

Re-Thinking Your Survey Research – Asking the Right Questions

In this first part of a series on doing measurement that matters, I’ve been focusing on one of my main themes this year to Semphonic’s clients – that it’s time to fundamentally re-think Voice of Customer and customer research programs. I started the series with a look at how the 2012 Obama campaign broke from […]