The Bernie Sanders Social Media Movement

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Barack Obama made history as the first presidential candidate to take advantage of social media as an effective campaign strategy. His team understood what user engagement meant and they implemented it to accomplish a goal: Obama logged 20 times as many retweets as Romney. The “Yes We Can” slogan gained more traction than anyone (including Obama himself) […]

Social Media Success: OREO!

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One of the BEST examples of a successful brand on social media is Oreo. That wonderful cream stuffed cookie sandwich knows what it’s doing!

Hollywood Integrates Social Media: Bladimiar Norman’s #BullyMovie Campaign

Social Media Twitter Bullying

Initially released for a limited audience on March 30, 2012 the documentary, Bully, was slapped with an R-rating for strong language by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). According to a Mashable article, the appeal was denied, effectively blocking the film’s opportunity to reach its true audience of middle and high schoolers. Filmmaker Lee Hirsch says he was devastated at the possibility that his film couldn’t have the impact he hoped it would. Hirsh felt it was a lost cause. It was, at least, until a massive multi-platform campaign to bring awareness to the movie was launched by myriad sources, with Twitter entering as a main theater of activity.