Nike takes over the internet with #airmax

Last month, Nike took over the beautiful world of the internet. With their Nike Sportswear account, they gave huge visibility to welcome the all new Nike Air Max, the iconic sneaker that showed itself again with a new design and to celebrate the previous timeless models. First, they took their fans on a journey across […]

Snapchat Our Story Invites the Public to Exclusive Events

The world’s most talked about events can now be the world’s most accessible with Snapchat’s Our Story. The feature allows people at a specific event to contribute 10-second video clips or pictures to a curated story that appears on every user’s screen. Similar to the My Story feature, users can only access the media for 24 hours. […]

Taco Bell Takes Social Networking By Storm!

Taco Bell is one of the best brands in the social networking universe. It has used the social networking platforms to amplify itself as a giant fast food chain while smothering its competition.