A Quick Guide to Using Tumblr for Your Business

How to use Tumblr for your business

There is every possibility that you may be feeling exasperated already by the number of social media networks on the internet world. That is why you are probably reluctant to entertain another idea of joining social media site. But wait! If you are in business, you must always be open to fresh possibilities and new […]

Give in to hashtags – why you should be #ing?

Hashtag usage on social media

Hashtags are universally present these days in the social media sites. You get to see them on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook. There was a time when ‘#’ was simply a pound sign or hash. But, with the advent of Twitter this mundane sign became an online sensation. And today, whether you are on […]

Successfully using Instagram for Businesses

instagram business

With over a 150 million users, Instagram is getting as big as Facebook and Twitter. So if companies can benefit by strategically using Twitter and Facebook, then they surely can benefit from using Instagram as well! Learn how you can build your brand awareness thanks to Instagram with these useful tips.