“Recommend” Social Media App: Share Your Advice

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Every social media app today is hoping to relate to what users want. Have you ever discovered a great restaurant or bar and wanted to tell everyone you know about it? Have you ever needed a new dentist and asked your friends if they liked theirs before you made a decision? We trust the opinions of people […]

Meerkat: is it a hype or just a very good idea?

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Have you already checked out Meerkat? One of the hottest apps of the moment? No? Shame on you. Meerkat is a video/livestream-based app, fully integrated with Twitter. Meerkat uses the social graph of Twitter – which gives them instantly a big user base to work with it. The application appeared on the web a few weeks ago. […]

Two useful apps to manage your Social Media

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MANAGE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA AS A PRO All those who publish content on various social media know how tedious it can be to manage all these media at once; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube… Open and close a minimum of 6 tabs per window on your computer, as well as opening and closing […]

Hiding your photos on Facebook doesn’t make them go away

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Have you ever woken up in the morning to find unpleasant photos from the night before tagged on Facebook visible for all your friends and family to see? If no, consider yourself one of the lucky few. For all the other people out there, I come bearing some not-so-great news. They’re still circulating the infinite […]

Tripnary, it’

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Do you have a list of all those wonderful places in the world you want to visit? Can’t decide where to go next? Here’s a possible solution to prioritise your travel. It’s called Tripnary and it’s kinda like Tinder but for travel. Through a combination of data and personal preference tells you where you should […]

You can now edit Instagram photo captions!

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Instagram will now let you change your photo captions once you have already posted them. The new update also has added new recommendations to the explore menu. In the past the app would not allow users to tweak the captions after having posted the photo or video. In the past you would have needed to […]

Facebook, Twitter & Google Battle it out for Mobile App Ad Gold Mine

Internet giants battle for mobile app ad gold mine

None of the three internet Giants: Facebook, Google & Twitter are ready to be left out in the mobile ad gold rush. Each of them is making frantic efforts to grab as much revenue there is left in the mobile advertisement industry. It is expected that Facebook will present its plans for mobile advertisement network […]

Everplaces App: Share your location recommendations!


Have you been bitten by the wanderlust bug? Record your travels and learn more about the locations you visit. We all have our favorite places – from vacation spots, city streets, neighborhood secrets. With the Everplaces app, you can keep a record of all the amazing places you’ve experienced and the ones you would love to […]

Best #SelfieOlympics Of The Week


The #SelfieOlympics is the virtual “Olympics” in which everyone can participate! Just create the best and most creative selfies and share them on you social media. And with a little luck, it can go viral in a  matter of time! Here are this week’s best selfies!   A selfie in the actual Olympics!   We […]

Facebook Paper App


After nearly 10 years of using the same Facebook lay-out, it’s time for some refreshment. From yesterday onwards, a new app is available for iOS called Facebook Paper. The app gives the Facebook News Feed a more Flipboard-like look to browse through through posts. It looks like Facebook is trying to be seen more like a […]

Foodspotting App

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Foodspotting is a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can recommend great dishes and see what others recommend wherever you go.

The reason why Snapchat is a success

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SnapChat is a two year old company that makes a photosharing app that allows users to send photos that “self-delete” in 10 seconds of less. The sender determines how long the user has to view the image before it is deleted. SnapChat users are currently sharing 400 millions of photos each day illustrating an outstanding growth curve. The app […]

Teemo App: Team together!

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Exercising is usually difficult. And we can use all the encouragement we can get – so how about an App that bring you and your friends together to get fit?

Instagram Direct


Instagram lovers have certainly noticed a big update: Instagram Direct. This new feature allows you to send photos and videos to selected people. Curious how it works? Then keep on reading!

Vine Video of the Week: December 12th!

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Will your six second video make it to our Vine video of the week posts? Share your videos with us at Growing Social Media! We love to feature everyone and anyone, not just brands! We have featured Lil Bub, animation and illustration artists, comedians, and more. Share your video and get featured!