Best Social Media Advertising Site for You: Quiz

Are you looking for the best social media advertising site for you or your business?  There are now so many social media sites providing advertising platforms that it can be very confusing when deciding which is best for you, your product or your business. Even if you already have a social media platform in mind, […]

Is Paid Social Media Marketing Worth It?

Paid social media marketing: it’s a buzzword in the marketing world, but what is it? Many organizations are now engaging in social selling and marketing to customers. Peer reviews, personalized Facebook ads and even fashion or food posts on Instagram are all examples of platforms with the potential for paid social media marketing. Have you […]

Social media genius uses eerily targeted ads to play a prank!

Have you ever gone onto Facebook and found the ads on your news feed to be a little bizarre? Asked yourself where on earth Facebook is obtaining this information? Why are they showing you that ad specifically? Just imagine Facebook ads knowing things about you that you’ve only shared with a small group of people. […]

The Correlation between Tweets and TV Programs

U.S. TV viewers are taking to Twitter to talk about TV, and the digital chatter is building steam. According to SocialGuide, 32 million unique people in the U.S. Tweeted about TV in 2012. That’s quite the confab, but what does it all really mean for the TV industry? Should networks and advertisers be paying attention? Early research on the subject from Nielsen and SocialGuide says yes.