Taco Bell Takes Social Networking By Storm!

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Taco Bell is one of the best brands in the social networking universe. It has used the social networking platforms to amplify itself as a giant fast food chain while smothering its competition. Taco Bell’s brand personality has always been weird, wild and wonderful, but by using Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat they have been able to engage its customers.



There are a lot of companies on Twitter who still quite have not gotten the hang of it, but Taco Bell is not one of them. Their primary target is males aged 18-35 and their Twitter persona reflect that they not only stay within that primary demographic, but create engaging and shareable content, as well. Most of the companies represented on Twitter are very timid about breaking out from under the umbrella of corporate talk, but Taco Bell tweets as their target would tweet.


One of the best tweets by Taco Bell that has also been featured on Business Insiders “12 Insanely Epic Tweets” and there is even a BuzzFeed page for the tweets by Taco Bell. The most monumental act by Taco Bell on Twitter has probably been its capability to stay away for any controversies. If you search for “Taco Bell Twitter” on Google, all of the search results are positive and most of the links are about how hilarious the Taco Bell tweets are. The Taco Bell’s capability of “keeping it real” on Twitter has impressed most of the people.


Even if you look at Taco Bell’s profile on Snapchat, you will see how amazing their branding strategy is. As one of the first few brands to adopt Snapchat, a platform that most people associate with sexting, Taco Bell used Snapchat to introduce Beefy Crunch Burrito in May. Nick Tran, the social media head for Taco Bell said, “The Stories platform offers new possibilities. This is something a lot of fans tell us all the time. They love sharing stories, trips and adventures. We create a story that modeled that experience of hanging out with a friend.”

By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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