Surprisingly Weird Instagram Accounts

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We’ve all seen them, whether we have stumbled upon them accidentally or if I friend has told us, “you have got to see this,” yep, surprisingly weird Instagram accounts do in fact exist.

It’s interesting and sometimes even a little bit shocking to see what can make your average people famous (or should I say Instafamous) these days. The continuous rise of all things social keeps us connected for sure, but maybe sometimes we see things that well, we could have just done without seeing. However, it’s still pretty darn funny to look at, so we’re going to show you some anyway!

It’s all fair game from here, you have been warned. Now let’s take a look at some of these weird Instagram accounts!

So inappropriate…sometimes a bit too much:

This guy, @thefatjewish has some of the most hilarious and inappropriate posts you’ll find on Instagram….but he still has 9.4 million followers.

weird instagram accounts,

Money and kitties, money and kitties:

The internet is obsessed with cats – that’s a known fact! They are also into pictures of cats and money… believe it or not! More than 150k of people like this Instagram, @cashcats, that’s just full of cats posing with stacks of cash.

weird instagram accounts

Because we always hate “that guy”:

We’ve all been there, on a plane with someone who’s just so obnoxious that you need to tell someone about it – you just can’t wait to tell friends and family about this jerk. Well know you can also submit photos to @passengershaming and share your horrible experience with their 457k followers – how’s that for an audience!

weird instagram accounts

Who needs a proper job anyways?:

The internet still doesn’t know who @girlwithnojob is but an amazing mix of memes and photos, she’s managed to rack up over 2.4 million followers! She must be doing something right?

weird instagram accounts

Funny, yet wrong (but still funny):

First up with 81.5k followers, we have @FunnyAndWrong, yes the name fits it well. The account is run by Anders Andreassen who also created the Snapchat username: FunnyAndWrong1. If your looking for a laugh and a compilation of hilarious awkward moments that are better left unsaid, than this account is for you. Expectation verses really, funny celebrity look-a-likes, and not so realistic life hacks are in full supply. I would advise viewing to those who are at least 18 years or older, but that’s just me.

weird instgram accounts

Growing up is overrated:

We’re all still kids at heart right? These two friends feel so strongly about this that they decided to make a weird Instagram account to tell us about it. The account is called @BigKidProblems, and it is run by: “two adults with big problems, who just want to be kids.” Sounds about right to me. See the hilarious comparisons made between life in the good old days and life now, in the adult world. This account is sure to reassure you that you are not alone when it comes to those pesky, yet sometimes funny, problems of being a “real person.”

weird instagram accounts

Hit Da -Quan!

With a whopping 3.8 million followers, next up is @Daquan. Daquan Gesese’s weird Instagram account specializes in, “posting the funniest content from across the web.” Talk about a fun hobby. Daquan’s photos obtain an average of at least 100,000 likes per post if not more. The content on the account is a collection of “fml” moments, embarrassing TBT’s, and celebrity mocking, what could be more fun than that!

weird instagram accounts

Hairy selfies for the win:

Taking a different path down the road of weird Instagram accounts, what could be weirder than an Instagram for beards! Yes, beards, as in the hair that grows on the human face. However, apparently a unique beard is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact its something to boast about. The latest goal for those men out there who pride themselves on their beard growing abilities: to get their beard onto Instagram account: @Beards_Unite. Can you say #FuzzyFriday! It looks just like you would imagine:

weird instagram accounts

Celebrities can be weird too:

As if we didn’t already think she was limitless in her fierce attitude and good/bad girl nature, Rihanna’s Instagram backs her up even further. With 33.5 million followers, Rihanna, or should I say ‘@badgalriri,’ has a surprisingly weird, and kind of spooky Instagram account. Don’t take this the wrong way, we love the queen-like selfies and collection of jaw-dropping wardrobe, but what’s with the scary album covers and the woman in the mouth of a great white shark! Maybe I am just missing something, see for yourself!

weird instagram accounts


Weird right? Have you ran into any weird Instagram accounts? Share them with us because who doesn’t want to see this stuff!


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