How to Stay Safe While Dating Online and Using Social Media

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Looking for love is no longer what it used to be. The proliferation of social networks such as Facebook and online dating sites has changed the game tremendously. More and more people are going online to look for a mate. But how do you ensure that you stay safe?

Choose a reputable, safe dating site

With a plethora of dating sites and social networks out there, there are no guarantees that you are safe online. So the first step is to choose a safe, reputable site. There are some sites that fail to check and verify clients who sign up with them yet they charge excessive subscription fees.

Carefully read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

This is one area you need to be keen with. It is unfortunate though that most website users never bother to find out what is contained in the TOS and Privacy policy.

Never give out personal information

Unless it can be guaranteed that your personal information will not be shared with anyone else, do not be quick to provide such information. Do not offer any personal information such as full name, address and telephone number to anyone unless you have known that person for some time.

Be cautious while dealing with unknown dating sites

Use a separate email address

When using social networking and dating sites it is advisable to open a new email address to avoid landing into trouble with spammers and con artists. You should close the email account immediately if you begin to receive harassing messages.

Photo exchanges

This is another trap you need to be careful about. When someone asks you for a photo, make sure you are comfortable with the fact and do not send a full photo at first. You should also ask the other person for a photo and see if they are comfortable with it. If not, it probably means they are trying to hide something.

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