Starbucks, Taco Bell, Coca-Cola and others among this week’s top PTAT gainers for food and beverage pages

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PageData LogoStarbucks is this week’s top gaining page in the People Talking About This metric among food and beverage pages. The page saw a weekly growth of 295,029 engagements, over half its total PTAT.

We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook. Of the top 10 pages this week, five are international pages while the other five are U.S. based.

People Talking About
Daily Growth
Weekly Growth
1     Starbucks 538,063 0 +295,029
2     Taco Bell 338,884 0 +189,798
3     Coca-Cola 938,145 0 +177,247
4     McDonald’s Brasil 210,275 0 +153,797
5     Oishi Drink Station 304,384 0 +123,466
6     Applebee’s 278,905 0 +93,695
7     キリンビール / KIRIN BEER 126,770 0 +92,323
8     Twix 130,924 0 +79,338
9     Burger King Brasil 192,218 0 +76,958
10     Pepsithai 178,826 0 +73,353


Starbucks’ Facebook marketing revolves around sharing high quality pictures of coffee and speciality drinks. The page has over 33 million Likes so the engagement number of just over half a million is actually a bit low. It has high potential to raise this number with a few changes.

For example, the page ran a promotion offering a free cup of tea at Teavana stores, a company they have recently acquired. As seen in the post below did this simply by sharing a picture accompanied by a link. A better strategy might have been to create a Facebook offer.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 11.50.50 AM

An offer adds some variety to the page posts, which seem to almost all be photo posts. However, it is possible that Starbucks did not want to create an offer since Facebook has begun charging businesses to use this feature.

Taco Bell has taken a similar strategy sharing mostly pictures. It occasionally shares text posts and links, but to a limited degree. The page is mostly focused on the promotion of the company’s newest menu item, the new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. Similar to Starbucks, running an offer promotion for a free drink when you buy the taco would be a way to garner larger engagement.

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starbucks taco bell cocacola and others among this weeks top ptat gainers for food and beverage pages ra ot 12

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