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One of the top trending hashtags on Social Media right now is #SochiProblems! This is lent to by the Twitter account of the same name, @SochiProblems, which sheds light on the horrible conditions in Russia. Of course, they are also sharing some fake and amusing situations as well.

Their Retweet of this journalist is spot on:


The conversations are mostly revolving around the awful human and animal conditions in Sochi. Many journalists and athletes are being housed in half-completed hotel rooms, with missing furniture, walls, and more (or lack thereof). Another stance is being taken on Russia’s decision to round up the stray dogs in Sochi, treating them inhumanely by euthanizing them with poison.

In our searches for the gritty information on Sochi’s Winter Olympics, we came across an infographic on Sentiment Analysis of the event by Humanele. Check out the stats!

Sochi 2014 Usa Sentiment Humanele

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