Social Recruiting: Are you being spotlighted?

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Social media websites are great for attracting more people. Social media websites are also great for Social recruiting.

Social recruiting is the process of sourcing or recruiting candidates through the use of social platforms as promotional and/or advertising channels by employers and recruiters.

Social recruiting falls into two different categories.

  1. The first category is internet sourcing. Using social media profiles, blogs, and online communities to find and search for passive candidate data and information.
  2. The second category is social distribution. This involves using social media platforms and networks as a mean to distribute jobs either through HR vendors or through crowdsourcing.


Launching social tools and getting connected to the contacts you already have is the easiest thing. Twitter and Facebook enable you to import your list of contacts, which will help you find people you know on these social tools. These imported contacts will be your foundation that will help you build your recruiting campaign, they will guide you towards people you would like to know and hire.

Probably most of your employees are already active members of social media communities. They can help you enhance your recruiting efforts. If there is a good company culture, it won’t be a problem for them to promote you.

Your company’s public profile will represent its values and success. Make sure to provide contact information on a clear way. If you make it easy for potential candidates to reach you, social recruiting will become much easier.

The right approach towards social recruiting is all about helping people. Take your time to find and share useful videos and articles that are relevant to your industry and helpful for your followers. By this way you will attract more people that are worth recruiting.

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