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The use of Social Media is increased since the beginning of the year. An increased use also means more Social Media Spam on the Social Media accounts.

Social media spam can damage brands, followers can be shoved off. It has the same consequences as email spam. What sets social media spam apart from traditional spam ?

Social media spam is 1 to many vs. 1 to 1.


Spammers use fake profiles to attack brands and people. A research showed that they often post from different social media accounts. Sometimes they use more than 20 fake profiles at a time.

Activity from these fake accounts is quite different from the activity seen by real accounts. Fake profiles usually post high volumes of content in just a few days, whereas real profiles tend to post content consistently over time.


There are several types of social spam and a growing means of distribution. Text and link-based spam are the most popular types, while Like-jacking, social bots, fake accounts, and spammy apps are the most prevalent forms of distribution. Spammers are using these sophisticated techniques to target your brand and your audience.

There are any steps social media marketers can take to stop social spam and mitigate its damage, including implementing automated social content moderation and spam removal technology.


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