Social Media: “Size DOES Matter”!

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We’ve all heard this phrase at least once in our lives, and it’s true… In social media of course (where else were you thinking?). Almost every company thinks that a successful social media is the one that has the best content, but this is just a part of what makes it successful.

Most of the efforts in content marketing are frustrated and disappointing, equally for small or big companies, because they don’t reach anywhere near the expected results.

Every day we sadly see blogs without updating, abandoned fan pages or twitter accounts, web sites as abandoned as my dreams (kidding!), because “community managers” gave up on them after the failure of what it seemed the best content marketing in history, which supposedly, should attract those potential customers and do the conversion into tangible sales.

So what’s the catch?

What makes the difference?

The answer is that the complete success of your social media content is determined by the critical mass of audience and the strategies of social media and networking growth you apply.

Let´s look at the chart:


Looks reasonable now, isn’t it? So in conclusion, if you want to spend less in paid advertising and increase scope, get ASAP the most quantity of followers or friends, increase your networking and let the audience make your advertising for free.

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