Social Media Predictions for 2016

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Since the creation of Facebook, social media has interested populations all over the world. Twitter introduced microblogging with 140 tweets and the birth of hashtags. Instagram standardized “filter” in our photography vocabulary and newsfeed scrolls. Snapchat took selfies one step further, with disappearing acts, interactive lenses and live stories. So while these powerhouses have established themselves as leaders, will they remain on top all year?

1. Facebook Predictions

While many studies have showed Facebook is in decline, it’s not going down without a fight. Recently, they brought on trending topics and tested live videos. Speaking of videos, Facebook video views keep the platform relevant in comparison discussions with Google’s YouTube. Because Facebook interests everyone from teens to parents, we believe that the platform has become so widespread and accessible that it won’t disappear until social media as a concept does.

2. Twitter Predictions

Social media professionals and business analysts question Twitter’s longevity. Twitter has reported a decrease in the amount of monthly users. However, will Periscope be able to revive the platform? The video streaming service helps people share live footage from anywhere. Since Twitter has always been favorable among users looking for current news, Periscope can enhance this offering if journalists and news enthusiasts embrace the trend.

3. Instagram Predictions

Many people consider Instagram their favorite social media platform. However, it leaves many of us asking “what else can you do?” While many platforms work to reinvent their offerings, Instagram has remained quite stagnant in what they give to users. How else can they expand their platform? The platform has a lively user base, but needs something more to keep it relevant.

4. Snapchat Predictions

Snapchat seems to only get bigger and bigger. With celebrities and new filters every day, Snapchat has proved to be the most playful platform. We’re interested to see if they will take up live video sharing like Periscope, thanks to its existing user base. But because this platform keep everyone guessing, we’re confident that it will continue to redefine social media and lead the pack in fun user experiences.


Which social media platforms do you think will prevail? Comment below with your predictions.


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