Social Media Jobs: A Popular Career Choice

Social Media Jobs

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In the modern epoch, the majority of the populace will explore new streams of job opportunities. Techcircles is an exemplar of this. Techcircles is afflicted with changes too often that it is unable to predict which career will last your lifetime. Once, social networking and Web2.0 were the leading careers in Techcircles which in turn got replaced with the careers in social media.

Blogs, podcasts, social bookmarking, microblogging have reached the mainstream in Techcircles. Many opt for media management degree programs that can aggregate a candidate’s management and communication skills. Social media can help you from creating a profile manifesting your achievements, personalities to granting a job.

Since social media is a novel area for many job seekers, the post ranges from social media specialist to social media manager. The demand for social media management jobs has increased rapidly from 2012. With thousands of new task openings in 2013, this industry promises many people a steady job. Ryan Paugh, co-founder and director of community at Brazen Careerist, a career networking site elucidates,

“Job seekers may not even have social media in their mind as a job, but what they find is that they are pretty good at this, and this is something companies are looking for.”

Job hunting with social media

The main purpose of a social media manager is to coordinate stakeholders across the company by developing brand awareness, ensuring its effectiveness and encouraging product adoption. Their duties also include online advocacy, writing editorial, community out-reach efforts, etc., monitor trends in social media tools; trends and applications and providing regular feedback on insights gained from social media monitoring into the marketing and editorial teams in constructing the company’s social media strategy. However, social media manager has become a common career choice as these jobs are not only a part of the corporate world, but a part of the business world, both large and small alike.

As the social media gets expanded day by day, the necessity of setting up an online community is on the surge. Whatever the career is, social media manager or marketer, it is bound to follow a single aim. They should reach out to all the potential customers and maintain a closer relationship with them, thus building up a community.

Adam Ostrow, editor-in-chief of Mashable said,

“Social media jobs range from community managers to digital strategists who help with the company’s overall social media campaign to developers, the people who build the campaigns, Facebook applications, mobile apps.”

Social media jobs are an impeccable career choice for those who are skilled in leadership and communication. It is also a better option for graduate students who will enjoy working in the social media atmosphere.

By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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