Social Media Jobs: How to Get One!

social media jobs

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If you are inspired to generate or moderate content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other rapidly growing and innovative social media platforms, a social media job could be a great fit for you! Today, social media jobs are opening quickly and usually looking to be filled just as quickly as they opened. This means that the opportunity to work as a social media strategist, marketer, editor, or contributor could be closer than you think. If you’ve visited our Social Media Jobs page, you’re probably already familiar with some of these roles and what their job descriptions entail.

So then, what are the next steps? How do individuals actually stand out from the rest and get hired for social media jobs? We’re here to provide you with some tips. Take a look at the list below.

 5 Steps to Improve Your Chances of Landing Social Media Jobs

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social media jobs

1. Keep profiles updated and original.

If you want to work in a social media based role, you better be up to par on your own social media game. Be active on social media platforms across the board. Maintain updated profiles by contributing your own content. Don’t forget to monitor the industry and find out what’s happening in the social media world for example, what are the most popular social media apps and why? Do your homework and be prepared to reference your own social media experience when filling out applications or interviewing for the position.

2. Follow and engage with the brand on every platform before applying.

If you are trying to work on the social media team for a specific company or brand, be informed about their current social media strategy. Research which social media platforms they use which ones they don’t prefer to use. Follow their accounts and familiarize yourself with the type of content they put out and how often they do it. Take notes for your own reference, it would be impressive for a social media interviewer to hear you say something like, “When I was engaging with the brand’s current Instagram page I noticed blank,” or something along those lines (maybe not so cheesy). Anyway, this shows that you have experienced the brand’s social media first hand and know what they’re all about.

For example: If you want to work on the social media team for Coca Cola, you should definitely be aware of and engaged in their latest social media campaigns!


social media jobs


3. Try to learn about their current social media tools.

This next one is a little tougher and may be worth asking about during an interview. If the company uses specific online tools for monitoring and scheduling out social media content, try to find out what those tools are and practice using them. Use your own social media accounts to interact with the platforms, this is a great way to learn the tricks and tools before you even start. Another idea would be to research and learn social media tools in general, that way you can list those tools as digital skills on your resume or during an interview.

4. Sign up for social media jobs newsletters.

This one is a given and a must do. Stay in the know! One of the most important resources for landing available social media jobs is knowing who is hiring and when. Signing up for newsletters or following accounts that list new job postings is the best way to stay in the loop.

5. Bring new ideas to the table during an interview.

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of ways to improve your chances of landing social media jobs, is bringing some new ideas in the door with you. In today’s bustling work world, it’s hard to stand out and leave the company with something to remember you by. One thing all companies love is new ideas, so have some prepared. Maybe it’s a thought about a holiday Instagram theme, or maybe you found a new social media app that you think would benefit the companies sales. At the end of the day be creative, because originality is what social media is all about!

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