Social Media Helps Co-Workers Bond

Social media building bonds

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Experts have now proven the fact that social media helps workers bond. Although social networking is spilling into the workplace, experts think it is mostly a good thing. It is a good feeling knowing that there are co-workers who have the same interests as yours.

Social networking has become an avenue for people to develop deep personal relationships with coworkers. Social networks such as Instagram and Facebook enable people to share their opinion, family updates and new hobbies. As such, people gain insights into their colleague’s lives and this could provide a basis for forging a stronger workplace bonds.

Social media connecting coworkers

It can be argued that social media has somehow replaced team-building events; albeit in a small bit because you get to know people you work with on a deeper level.

According to an online poll released in January 2014, workers were reported to have experienced a simplified communication, increased collaborations among themselves and fostered stronger relationships as a result of social technologies. This benefits the work environment because it affects how much the co-workers look forward to arriving at the office and how loyal they feel towards their job.

Social media in the workplace

Most people love to be friends with coworkers and friends. When you look at how many hours you spend in the office, it is definitely much more than what is often spent at home. When workers spend some of these hours connecting with each other, it fosters a more productive and happy environment.

Also, research by Gallup found that having strong social connections at the office can make co-workers more passionate about their work, which makes it less likely for them to quit their jobs. Indeed, social media opens the door to better communication that deepens friendship ties.

However, how much the social network contributes to closer bonding with co-workers depend on the organizational policies and support.

Do you feel like social media makes co-workers bond more?

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