How can social media be used in education?

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Social media is one of the most important parts of our life nowadays. It is used for fun, entertainment, communication, education. It is even used to lead the revolutions, strikes, do unite political movements, and religious communities. Even if you want to ignore it, you can’t. Especially if you work in education because students are very interested in social media, they use it for any aspect of their lives, and social media will continue to infiltrate their lives even more from year to year. You either follow this lead and come up with ideas on how to use social media for education, or you become one of those professors who is far behind his students in terms of technological advancement. Professional academic writers from the following essay writing company Smart Writing Service have collected several ideas on how you can implement social media in education and shared their ideas.

Go where your audience is for alerts and announcements — use Facebook.

Facebook is used by college students and high-schoolers. Though they mostly prefer some newer platforms, Facebook is still there to be used for groups with similar interests and news feeds. You really don’t expect your students to read newspapers even online, do you? In marketing, they say that you should go where your client is. Your client is a student who wants to receive as much information as possible in the setting that is comfortable and known for him. 

Online education is a necessity during the pandemic — use Facebook groups.

The pandemic brought us a new reality, in which old ways used in education became not valid. You cannot expect the world to come back to normal very fast, especially as a new wave of a pandemic is promised every day by TV and media. That is why you need to adjust your educational process to the requirements of the current time Facebook groups allow you to make webinars, post documents, links, have discussions with groups. It is very similar to seminars in college.

Help students with visuals — use Instagram.

Instagram is the most suitable platform for students to post their photo essays or even some essays in the form of a vlog. You should learn how to use that platform, and show students how they can use it now in that reality of distance education. Instagram is a powerful tool that is used in many Industries for promotion, forming a loyal audience around that brand. You can form that same loyal audience around your class if you invest yourself in working on your Instagram account and posting some valid and engaging content for your students.

Make essay writing more fun — use blogs. 

You need to see how your students ride while being in the process of distance learning. Even beyond distance learning, essay writing is one of the most valuable parts of modern education. You know that students hate it. Not all of them, but most of them hate it. To make this experience more engaging, and more close to that reality in which students leave, give some essay writing assignments to be done in the form of a blog post. Many students dream about having a successful blog, and you can help them to start it. You can also start I’ll blog for your class, and ask them to write for it in collaboration. It can be both an essay writing assignment and a group project.

Gather visual and text information — use Pinterest.

Pinterest is our perfect platform for collecting all types of information into useful and user-friendly decks. It is very easy to use. You can separate your decks in several categories, depending on the class, or discipline, or type of content. Pinterest has a very suitable class division navigation system, and you also can make several bags for students to share with others. Social media is all about sharing and collaboration, and you can benefit from it.

Ask students about more ways to unite social media and education

The best thing you can do in terms of using social media in education is asking your students or what they think about it, and what they would recommend. First of all, most of them don’t know much more than you do about social media and it’s capacities. Seconds, when being asked for help with such matters, students should normally apply themselves rather seriously, because it is their area of interest and expertise. You can get some valuable tips and use it to collaborate with your students more, gain their trust, and make them work harder even in that reality of distance learning.

Of course, it is up to you whether to use social media in education or not. However, we strongly recommend to start using at least one or two platforms, it will make students much more engaged because you will operate in an environment that is comfortable and safe for them. We also wrote a guide on the benefits of social media in education, so check it out if you are interested!

A lot depends on how we see the setting of a particular process when the educational process is set in social media, students don’t protest it that much. It is normal to follow the latest tendencies in education, and using social media is one of them.

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