Social Media Cleansing: Do You Know All Your Facebook Friends?

Social Media Cleansing

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Having a great deal of friends on Facebook is every social media worm’s dream. It feels great if you are having a friend-list that is strong in numbers. But there is an uglier truth to it that you should be aware of the predators that misuse your cyberspace to their advantage.

All the technical thongs apart, first and foremost thing is that your personal space gets public, and that is not any desirable thing. Everybody has something to hide from someone. If you have thronging friends, there’s nothing called privacy. That is the strongest reason why you should edit out all your unwanted friends.

Now there is the second thing that your account becomes too clumsy. If you have a lot of unknown friends on Facebook, it just adds to unnecessary usage of space that can be stored for some better things. You get their silly notifications which you don’t even care while an important post from your close friend might get missed due to that silly notification. Thus, it is crucial to save more space and organize your profile page that it has only up to date thing and not useless stuff. Keeping your profile page simple without any clutter gives a better appeal rather than being a nerd on social media.

Check your social media dead friends

According to Social Media Examiner, people have about 40% of abandoned and dead accounts in their friend-list. As people do not check their friend-list often, the list goes on increasing with never-logged accounts just wasting the precious space. So you need to check on these things and frequently update your social media accounts.

If you still have any of those accounts lingering on, it’s high time to delete the unnecessary stuff. Social media is just like any other thing, it needs proper cleaning frequently to keep it organized and clutter-free.

By G+ Author: Erin Washington.

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