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Social Media is THE place to share. And the best things to share are the moments and things that make you smile and feel good. That is where Happier comes along! Happier is a new social media platform and App where – you guessed it – you share the things that make you happy!

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Here is the run-down on this great new social sharing network:

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Happier, Inc. is a Boston-based happiness company on a mission to
inspire millions of people to be happier in their everyday lives. In
February of 2013 we released our first product, a beautiful iOS mobile
application and online community to encourage people to collect and
share everyday happy moments, and do more of what makes them

Happier states,

We think it’s possible to find happy moments in every single day, including those “I want to hide under the covers everything is going wrong” days. And that’s because your happy moments can be tiny — from eating something you enjoy for breakfast to catching the train just as it pulls in, getting an email from a friend or a hug from your kids.

Becoming happier is about collecting these happy moments and sharing them with friends and family because face it, when you make them smile, you feel freaking awesome.


Honestly, it is refreshing. Social media is amazing because everyone shares, speaks up, has great conversations, and connects – but more often than not, it is also a playground for bullies and arguments. Happier knocks that part of social media away. You simply be happy and find happiness in others’ joys.

I really enjoy this App and I cannot recommend it enough to my friends to download it.

Being happier is good for you – it’s a science!

Back in July, Co-founder Nataly Kogan gave a TED talk in Boston and asked: What makes us happier?

Oh and just in case you are curious, this is what makes Nataly happier!

Nataly Kogan – Chief Happiness Officer & Co-founde

@natalykogan  |

What makes me happier? orange, crazy rings, & museums
My top Happier collections:

  1. working on happier
  2. meeting awesome people
  3. appreciating friends
  4. eating awesome food
  5. awesome mom moments




What makes you happy?

Download the Happier app today and get smiling.

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By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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