Social Media Apps: Battle of the Generations

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“Mom, you can’t zoom in on Instagram.” (Gives Mom phone the next day to show her a post), “Mom, you still can’t zoom in on Instagram!”

Yep, we’re going there, generation gap when it comes to social media apps.

If your a millennial, like me, how many times have you found yourself explaining the different uses for each your favorite social media apps?

If your not a millennial, and you either want to use social media apps or just understand the madness behind social media apps, how many times have you wondered where you can take free crash course in social media?

social media apps

Well my friend, whatever age you may be, you have come to the right place. We are going to answer some frequently asked questions that everyday users are tired of explaining, and non-everyday users may just want to read in writing.

Here are the basics of five of the most popular social media apps on the market right now!

1. Let’s go back to where it all began, Facebook.

social media apps

Facebook is a social media and networking site that allows friends, acquaintances, and family to stay in touch and keep up to date with life events or simple updates within a chosen circle of people. Users can post important status updates, “I am accepted to college, or I am getting married in August,” or not so important updates, “The line at Starbucks was out of control today, anyone agree?”

Users can upload large photo albums, or one and done pictures. Finally, users can view and share articles or funny videos with friends by tagging.

FAQ About Facebook:

1. Yes, if you post on someone’s wall, EVERYONE can see it, the same goes for commenting on pictures.

2. No, if your message the person, only you and the other person can see it. Facebook has now created a separate app, Messenger, for directly messaging a friend.

3. Yes, you can have a private profile and only accept specific people to become your Facebook friend.

4. Yes, you can add users to a limited view profile list so that you can avoid the awkwardness of leaving the friend request unanswered.

5. Tip: If you would like to view your own Facebook profile page on your mobile app, go to the bottom right of the screen and hit the ‘More’ button, that will lead you to a new screen that says ‘View My Profile.’

2. Instagram

social media apps

Instagram is a one stop shop to upload pictures one at a time. Instagram is unique with its features that allow users to edit the lighting, contrast, coloring, and sizing of their photos. Instagram is social media app for following and keeping up with friends, but also to follow other accounts that may interest you, such as food and recipe accounts, fitness and exercise accounts, or fashion accounts. A lot of your favorite companies to follow most likely have an Instagram too.

FAQ About Instagram:

1. Tip: There is not much interaction on Instagram other than “liking” or commenting on a photo, users are called followers, as opposed to friends such as on Facebook. You would not say, “we are friends on Instagram.” (Silly I know, but true.)

2. Tip: If you tap on a photo more than once, you will “like” the photo and the user will be notified.

3. Yes, all of your followers have access to see what you are liking, who you follow, and who follows you. There are no special restrictions other than blocking a user.

5. Tip: The only way to enlarge a photo from Instagram is to take a screen shot and zoom in on the photo from your own photo gallery.

3. Twitter

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Twitter is best known for its news sharing capabilities. Twitter reaches mass audiences everyday by posting the news. Think of all of your favorite resources to get the news such as, The New York Times, or CNN. All of these big brand news outlets have Twitter accounts and are constantly publishing the news on the internet at rapid speed.

Celebrities also have popular Twitter accounts, this is because twitter allows people to share a thought or a statement if you will. Aren’t we all just a bit curious about what the celebs are saying these days?

FAQ About Twitter:

1. Tip: No post on Twitter can be more than 140 characters long, that’s the point! Be brief, be bright, be gone!

2. Yes, you can still upload pictures to twitter, they are a part of the tweet. However, adding a picture takes away from the allotted 140 characters.

3. Tip: The term followers is also used for twitter. Think of it as following the news.

4. Tip: Instead of “liking,” on Twitter the terms used are favorite and retweet. If you favorite a tweet it means you liked it or you agree, if you retweet a tweet (the button that looks like two arrows) it means you like it so much that you want it to appear on your profile and to your own followers. You are sharing the tweet.

4. Snapchat

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This one is a bit harder to understand and has created quite a bit of controversy between generations when it comes to parents and their children. Snapchat is a social media app that revolves around pictures. Although it has evolved over the years, the original point of Snapchat was to have the ability to send a photo to friends that will disappear after ten seconds.

To see additional Snapchat facts, check out our earlier post. To be brief, Snapchat is a way to see what your friends are doing at this very moment in time and if desired, message them about it in response. If something funny happens out of the blue, this will be the app to capture it. Think of it as everyone given the ability to be their own news reporter.

FAQ About Snapchat:

1. Yes, you post a picture to ‘My Story,’ it will live there for 24 hours before being removed by the app, but you can delete it yourself at anytime.

2. Tip: Once a photo is taken, swiping to the right presents a series of options to enhance your photo or video, such as location based geo-tags and facial filters

3. Tip: The only way for a receiver to obtain your picture for more than ten seconds is if they screen shot the image from their own phone. Snapchat notifies the sender if a screenshot has been taken

5. LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a professional and career oriented social networking site. So, note to self, if you have a LinkedIn account keep it clean and professional, if you don’t have a LinkedIn and you are currently job searching, get one!

LinkedIn is one of the most popular tools that job seekers and recruiters are utilizing to land careers. Follow companies that interest you, search their current openings, connect with your professional contacts, if applicable, post some of your recent work and share your past job experience on your profile. Be detailed and be smart, this social media app may just get you that dream job!

FAQ About LinkedIn:

1. Tip: A friend on LinkedIn is called a connection.

2. Yes, users are notified when you view their profile.

3. Yes, liking and commenting is public to viewers

4. Tip: When creating a profile, LinkedIn gives you tips for what to include, follow them!

Have any other tips for these social media apps? Let us know, and happy socializing!


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