Snapchat Ideas: Get Creative with Face Swap

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Whether or not you’ve personally used Snapchat’s Face Swap filter, you’ve probably seen Face Swap photos if you are active on social media.

snapchat ideas

This feature was launched at the end of February and enables you to swap your face with someone else’s face. Snapchat users have even been swapping faces with their pets or even with inanimate objects. The results can be creative, fantastic, funny and sometimes horrifying.

The idea is to swap your face with anybody else’s standing right next to you.

But let’s take a moment to look over

these 5 creative Snapchat ideas for Face Swap.

snapchat ideas

1. Use props around you to make a face.
If you just grab something reminds you a ‘face’, Snapchat camera will recognize it as a face to swap. Arrange objects as eyes and mouth to swap faces. For instance, use apples as eyes and a banana as mouth. Need more examples? How about cookies with two m&m chocolates, a slice of pizza with 2 pepperonis, outlets with 3 holes. Sounds weird, but it’s true!

2. Animals are best friends, always.
If you’ve ever looked at your adorable puppy and thought to yourself, “I am you, you are me” well, that’s why Snapchat is here. Take a step in your friend’s shoes for once. Have fun with your best friends!

3. Dare to become celebrities you’ve wished.
Have you ever thought about being a celebrity? Find a magazine advertisement or pull up a picture on your laptop and you can look like (but not sound like) Adele. Other must tries include Justin Bieber, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, or your favorite Kardashian, Beyonce. What about brand icons like the Starbucks cup, Lego, Quaker, Cookie Monster? Be creative and see if your friends can guess who you swapped with!

4. You can draw your own face to swap.
If you want to swap your face with your hand, draw a face on your hand. Hand-drawn smiley face on your palm and tattoo on you arm, you can swap faces with them by tilting your phone to a horizontal position.

5. Get creative with your body parts.
Eyes on eyes, nose on your lip, lip on your forehead. Everything is possible, just boost your imagination!

snapchat ideas

Have any other face swapping ideas?

Share your best Snapchat ideas below!

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