Snapchat Infographic: 2015 and 2016 Social Media Fun Facts

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Last year’s fasting growing social network keeps getting bigger. Since its beginnings four years ago, Snapchat has expanded the platform to not only disappearing photos, but also Live stories, Snapcash, and Discover. With advertising options ranging from geofilters to video ads on Discover, the app has benefited multiple industries while maintaining a loyal following. A recent Pew Research Center study reviews teens and their Snapchat usage.

The report highlights a new social media trend: girls are more likely than boys to use visually- oriented apps including Pinterest, Snapchat and Tumblr.


Facebook, with 71 percent of teens using the site, remains the most visited social media platform. Instagram comes in second at 52 percent followed by Snapchat at 41 percent. Of course, most teens have multiple social media accounts. But there’s a small following, three percent, that only use Snapchat. And as more teen-adored celebrities use Snapchat, there could be even more growth.The following infographic focuses on Snapchat demographics that may interest marketers and social media experts:

snapchat 2015- final for uploading (1)

Snapchat Facts: 2016 Update

In 2016, Snapchat facts continue to impresses social media enthusiasts. In fact, Snapchat facts demonstrate the power of video on social media. According to AdWeek, Snapchat reached 8 billion daily video views in February. This is a one billion increase since January. For a long term comparison, there were just 2 billion video views per day in May 2015. Snapchat video views are not just increasing, they’re soaring.


Snapchat claims to have 100 million users, and proves especially popular among younger demographics. More than 60% of teens with smartphones aged 13-24 use Snapchat.


The Future of Snapchat

So, what’s the appeal to Snapchat? The platform brings interaction and invention to social networking. Today’s users can play with augmented reality features with filters that put them on the beach, swap faces with friends, or stretch facial features into hilariously ugly effects. The popularity of Snapchat features are now available to purchase to the public. Users can create their own Snapchat geofilter, whether for a bachelorette party or college reunion. Celebrities have also contributed to the success of the app. DJ Khaled reached 6 million followers, behind Kylie Jenner who hit 10 million followers in February. So will these Snapchat facts keep on growing? To put it shortly, yes. Revisit our page for updates! In the meantime, send us a Snap at @growingsocialmedia.





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