Seven of the Top Social Media Mistakes

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Social Media in business can create a few hurdles. We’re so used to how we use it in our personal lives, that it’s easy to forget the rules are different. Social Fresh compiled the below list of the most top social media mistakes made by businesses.

1. No Business Goals

When companies forget to tie their social strategy to the bottom line, their efforts won’t be directed towards any specific goals. In order to get the best out of your social media it’s important to decide what you want to achieve using social before engaging in a campaign.

set goals

2. No Inclusion in Overall Strategy

Given the tendency to recruit young Social Media employees, and the perception that social media is free, they are not usually a part of the larger brand strategy discussions. Without including social media in the larger brand strategy, a cycle of negative ROI perpetuates.

overall strategy

3. No Conversation

Social Media is about connecting with like minded people and sharing content with them – don’t forget that. Too many businesses take their communities for granted by either using their social media as another channel to push their marketing messages without engaging with them.


4. No Loyalty

Stay loyal to your current customers. Social Media is less about generating direct, new business and more about turning your current consumers into brand advocates. Use your social media channels as a vehicle to provide for your current consumes, and they’ll start to spread positive word of mouth to their family and friends.


5. No Free Lunch

While the above point is extremely valid don’t rely exclusively on free brand advocacy, you get what you pay for. Be creative when you’re developing an advocacy program, this will require dedicated resources and relationship building. Don’t be afraid to (ethically) compensate advocates as well.brand advocate

6. No Audience Research

Just because everyone else is doing cool things on a platform, doesn’t mean you have to. Do the research first, see if your target market is even active on that platform. If they aren’t, then save your energy for a more targeted platform.


7. No Collaboration

Don’t silo your social media into Marketing or PR, consumers build relationships with the entire brand. In order to achieve a seamless integration, silos need to come down and departments need to work collaboratively. Social Media as an arm of customer service is the low hanging fruit of social media engagement, so don’t forget about it!


By G+ Author: Erin Washington.

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