Senior Citizens On Social Media – A Rising Statistic

Social media for senior citizens

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Social media is not just for the young and hip generation. This is being proved by the 74 years plus demographic that is the fastest growing on social networks. The older demographic is often overlooked, but it is time that people started paying attention.

This age group has 47 times the net worth of households that are headed by those who are 35 years of age or older. It is not just about having an email account, but being active on Google, Facebook and Twitter. Older people are living longer, leading more active lives and becoming more and more literate.

Growth of senior citizen users in social networking

As of now, there are over 35 million users on Facebook, Twitter and Skype that are of 65 years or above. They are, by far, the fastest growing demographic. 11 percent of Facebook users are senior citizens, and use the site actively because 1 in 5 of that 11 perfect will log on for at least an hour on any given day. Even on Twitter, 13% of the adults present on the site are 50 years or older. Twitter estimates that this figure will keep rising.

Seniors are looking for comfort and ease and what better way to keep in touch with their family and friends than through social networks. A recent info-graphic by Wishpond shows that 40% of these seniors are on social networking sites to connect with their loved ones, 30% are there to share photos, 20% for social gaming and 10% for contests and games.

Not a lot of brands have paid too much attention to this demographic, but Merrill Gardens, one of the leading assisted living homes in America, is an exception. They use the social media platforms to connect with their residents, as well as, their children.

Research shows that this particular demographic responds to images and stories rather than “promotional services.” Brands can tap into this by having a focused target, engaging its users and frequently using their accounts.

By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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