“Resonate” is the new key to Twitter success

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What is the new key to success on Twitter?

Just remember the acronym Resonate.

Great content on Twitter is Relevant, Engaging, Succinct, Observant, Narrative, Accessible, Targeted and Electric.



Great content touches on the interests, the needs, and the pain points of your audience.


Draw your audience in by speaking their language and using a friendly tone.


Keep your content right and tight: cut out any fluff and unnecessary details.


Keep up with the current events that affect your target audience, and weave those observations into your content.


Offer your audience a good story, well told, and they’ll never forget you.


Make most of your content freely accessible through your blog and social media channels to amp up your SEO.


Get a clear picture of who is in your target audience and focus all your content around that person’s needs and expectations.


Ho-hum content generates ho-hum results; make your content buzz with colorful language and a lively, conversational tone.


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