Reporter App Lets You Keep Track Of Anything about Yourself

Reporter App for iOS

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Reporter is a Hands-on app that wants to help you understand every aspect of your life. If you are like most people whose lives swirl wildly and want to have a better grip, Reporter, a new iOS APP is the best for you.

The app serves many purposes to different crowds of people: you can use it as a journal, keep statistics or as a tool for recording your moods. In other words, Reporter helps you to file reports throughout the day—making you fill the voids without a problem. It pings you throughout the day, preventing you from forgetting any aspect of your life.

How does it work?


Reporter is designed to provide you with notifications that prod you to file reports throughout the day. There are preloaded questions, including “YES” or “NO” questions that can be answered in different situations such as waking up or before hitting the sack. You can also create your own customized questions with your own parameters.

The type of questions you want to answer depend on what you want to keep taps on. For instance, you would want to keep taps on how you sleep, how much time you spend alone or playing, and so on. Just imagine being able to keep track of everything you did during the day, including the things you leant. It is more of looking back on your life and improving the quality of your life.

The major selling point of the app is that it uses the iPhone’s sensors to keep taps with your environment. It will report your current location, the weather and the loudness of your environment. Reporter comes in many colored themes to provide a variety. It also provides you with an option to back up your data to Dropbox or export it as JSON or CSV file.

Reporting every phase of your life is an important part of taking better control of your life.

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