Reddit – A Unique Type Of Website

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Reddit is a unique type of website. Many are confused about it. Is Reddit a social networking site like Facebook? Or a message board website something like Pinterest? Or is it something different all together? Reddit is an open source community site and here its members are tinkering constantly and contributing features, bug fixes, and translations back to the site. As every website names their members in a unique way according their spellings, for example, Facebook user is Facebooker, Twitter user is Tweep/Tweeter. Similarly, the users of reddit are called as “redditors.”

The front page of the internet

Redditors vote based on stories and conversations that are essential. The most voted topics come out on the top while least voted stories go the bottom. The attractive feature about the Reddit is that anyone can create a community. The community created in Reddit is called as “Subreddits.” Each community is independent and is maintained by a team of unpaid assistants. People can post their comments on every story on Reddit.

Reddit is a message board and an online community. Popular posts that are being trended on cyber space are called “the front page of the internet” on Reddit.

Katey Humphry of defines Reddit as a website “where members post photos, links, people’s comments, discussions, forums and the most popular posts come on the front page while all others sink down.”

We love Reddit

The Reddit is perhaps the only social networking site that promotes anonymity as its cause. Even an email-ID is not required for connecting with Reddit.

There is a popular acronym on Reddit about IAMA…AMA. Actually, it stands for ‘I am a….Ask Me Anything’ All AMAs require proof of who you are. Many popular AMAs are Barack Obama, Bill Gates, George Clooney, Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, PSY, Monty Python and so on!

Reddit is where users of all types can post and discuss without being known in reality. Spare those fake profiles on Facebook now and join Reddit and do whatever you want in anonymously without being a cheater.

Some facts about Reddit

A blog on Reddit described it as the rising website and growing in popularity for its really out-of-the-league genus.

Facts about Reddit

It stated that the year 2013 alone saw a massive boost in popularity of Reddit. It had approximate 56 billion views, 731 million unique visitors in the 2013 page stats.

United States was the top most country from which the unique visitors came followed by Canada, UK and Australia. Internet users from Luxemburg stayed for maximum time on the website followed by Niger and Slovenia. The Boston Bombing Thread had the maximum page views in total.

The rise of Reddit has been phenomenal due to its distinctiveness. Now spend less time on popular websites, Reddit is the new age Facebook. Aren’t you on Reddit yet? It’s simple and easy. Keep visiting us for more stories about Reddit!

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