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  1. Kevlee6 says:

    Reddit  is addictive and magical .The site does a
    good a moderating. You don’t need to sign up to join, and you can lurk as long
    as you like. The site has something for everyone.

  2. betcar7 says:

    It  is the perfect cure for boredom, or if you
    just need a 15 minute break. Only problem 
    is that the site can be addictive and the commentators can be mean.

  3. ruteva9 says:

    It’s cool
    place to hang some time out. I wouldn’t say it is the best news site. I always
    find something fresh and new to read:)

  4. jefall4 says:

    I love this website and the people on it. Reddits are good people 🙂 I think I am maybe one of the older members on there since it seems like a college website, but every day there are funny pictures, stories etc as well as important stuff such as news and social issues

  5. sarhal1 says:

    I always get really cool news and information
    before all of my friends and I sound really cool when I tell them about it. I
    really like the layout because the user interface is really easy to use.

  6. jostay3 says:

    This is the
    pulse of the internet. It’s quiet amazing actually how one site can generate so
    much conversation over blogging really amazing.

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