Recruiting via Social Media platforms

Recruiting Via Social Media

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Many of the top firms are now shifting their focus to social media for their human resources. HR teams are now glued to the social media world as they get larger pool of talent online than they could ever get in person.

Jobvite conducted a report that shows out analysis presenting that more folks get employed from online recommendation portals and enterprise career pages than from job boards. As revealed in that report, just about half of the social hiring appoints continued in their places for about more than three years. Jobvite also said that the companies who engrossed social recruiting in their employment process were more likely to get improved candidate quality as well as quantity. Thus, in 2013, many of the leading firms (94% to be precise) surveyed, used social recruiting and gave more attention to social media platforms.

Sara Roncero Menendez, author at Mashable, believes that getting hired via social media is more likely to give you employment, and moreover it helps you stay longer in your job.

Social media recruiting

Since the emergence of social media, HRs has been steadily hunting for the desired candidates via these accessible mediums. They can connect with their applicants in a hassle-free manner.

Social Media has made the HR job very easy, in a number of ways. Let’s say, we get a vast pool of candidates, more importantly, it’s quick and saves a lot of time. Both candidates and companies can interact with each other without actually coming face-to-face. What’s better than that for an HR person? We assess the worth of a candidate without actually accessing them personally in our office,” said Rex Kettleborough, owner of a Dallas-based candidate recruiting firm.

Top companies are now increasing their investment in social recruiting. In 2013, there has been a healthy 73% rise in the investment in social recruiting by employers as compared to 2012.

Social media recruiters

Social media helps one and all. It helps everyone to connect easily, and anybody can just view another person with a mere click. It’s no different in employment either,” said Jean Catherine of Social Media Examiner,

In this day and age, Skype or Facebook has been a very effective platform for recruiters. It’s not a surprise that now about more than half of secluded interviews occur online,” she continued.

RedRopes Digital partner Maryanne Conlin believes that some strategies could be planned by businesses for getting the best of recruitment.  She comments that recruiting via social media is a good approach for acquiring fresh talent, but companies make mistakes that they hire an intern or low-skilled person to operate their social media account, without taking some time to actually create a foolproof social media strategy that gets you a lot of quality candidates.

Factors driving use of social media

Sajjad Masud, co-founder and CEO of Simplicant, gives recruiters some tips in an article for Huffingtonpost, “Start at the initial stages itself and build a social media strategy that helps out to aim your target audience, to find where they spend maximum time on web, set some objectives and goals for your social media planning, tie-up with some partners where you would potentially find your applicants, have a structure in place and keep follow-up of the candidate. This will get your job done.

Social media recruitment can get top companies the top ability candidates needed for the sustenance of the company. By following a proper social media tactics, distressed executives can meet their looked-for employees.

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