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screen568x568-1-compressorEvery social media app today is hoping to relate to what users want. Have you ever discovered a great restaurant or bar and wanted to tell everyone you know about it? Have you ever needed a new dentist and asked your friends if they liked theirs before you made a decision? We trust the opinions of people we know, and we usually even trust the opinions of the people they know. So what if there was a social media app that compiled all of our reviews of services from wineries to accountants in one place? Now there is.


“Recommend” is a social media app that enables you to find the best advice from people you trust, save your own relevant experiences and share them with your network.

My Experience With the Social Media App

I downloaded the app to see for myself whether this was a tool I could see myself using. After the downloaded had completed, the social media app prompted me to create an account. The standard “Connect with Facebook” or enter an email address and password followed, and I chose the Facebook option – it came with a guarantee not to post to Facebook, which is always important to me. After connecting with my Facebook, a brief intro asked me to select at least three topics of interest. Options included restaurants, apps, beauty and fragrances, and real estate.

I was surprised by the wide range of categories to select – is it too broad? Would selecting a more narrow target audience benefit this social media app?

Despite my concerns about Recommend’s ability to appeal to as many users as it intends to, I went on to select my top three topics. I chose “cafes, bars & pubs”, “restaurants”, and “websites and blogs.” The social media app then prompted me to select “experts.” I had never heard of any of them, so I just selected the first few the app recommended for me. After agreeing to allow the app to use my location, it allowed me to choose which category for which I wanted recommendations. The location feature on my phone may have been malfunctioning, but for whatever reason the restaurant recommendations I received were not in my area – they weren’t even in my state. After an hour or so of playing with the social media app, I compiled a list of the main pros and cons of Recommend:


The social media app is a place to share reviews with your friends who are also using the app. When we have a good experience, we want to tell others about it and this is a great place to do so.

The reviews don’t come from strangers. Recommend describes itself as “powered by trust.” If someone we trust tells us to use their accountant, we are much more likely to do so.



The social media app isn’t the easiest to use at first. I was confused about how to access my recommendations for a while before I figured it out.

Most of my friends have never heard of the app, so I didn’t find many recommendations from people I know. Apps like this (i.e. Venmo and Yelp) only work if everyone has them and it simply hasn’t taken off yet.


What do you think? Will Recommend be the next big social media app or will it disappear simply due to a lack of participation? Let us know in the comments.

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