The reason why Snapchat is a success

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SnapChat is a two year old company that makes a photosharing app that allows users to send photos that “self-delete” in 10 seconds of less. The sender determines how long the user has to view the image before it is deleted. SnapChat users are currently sharing 400 millions of photos each day illustrating an outstanding growth curve.

The app is recognized by its iconic comic ghost symbol, and has become very popular among the younger generation. There are a number of reasons why the app is gaining popularity so fast.

With SnapChat you can share your moments when you want. The app makes sure you do not miss out on sharing any moment with friends and family.  Keep in touch whenever you feel like doing so.

A picture on SnapChat is called ‘a snapchat’. A snapchat says sometimes more than a status on Social Media or a message. A picture can replace 100 words if you want.



The mobile phone industry is changed a lot. People are able to communicate in various ways through just one single device. The applications give users different means of communication. Mobile phones are always available easily.

SnapChat is now being tried out by individuals of all age groups. Since it is one of the newest things in the market, it is natural that there will be an initial excitement. However, the developers of the app have done a great job in retaining the initial excitement. Even though the app has been around for over two years, the number of people using it continuously increases.



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