A Quick Guide to Using Tumblr for Your Business

How to use Tumblr for your business

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There is every possibility that you may be feeling exasperated already by the number of social media networks on the internet world. That is why you are probably reluctant to entertain another idea of joining social media site.

But wait! If you are in business, you must always be open to fresh possibilities and new ways to spread awareness about your brand. That is why you can’t afford to shut the door. A micro-blogging platform like Tumblr is something you should seriously consider using because it can be a powerful marketing tool. This site can serve as both a social network and a blog for posting and sharing short pieces of writing, videos, images and audio. So how can you use it for your business?

This micro-blogging platform can be a powerful marketing tool

1. Provide valuable content

A large segment of Tumblr user’s post a lot of stuff, but most of what is posted doesn’t add value to readers. Recognizing that, smart entrepreneurs should consider posting things that are extremely valuable as a way of differentiating themselves.

2. Combine Humor with Promotion

Remember, online users are extremely impatient people, and nothing can make them read an article or watch a clip unless it is something they either find useful or funny. You should use your creativity to design humorous content, even if you are running a marketing campaign. People are more likely to share entertaining content.

3. Mind how you use paid posts

It is not everything you pay for will give you returns. You should create innovatively paid posts to make them attractive to readers. If it is something drab and uninteresting, be sure no one will want to see that.

4. Know your audience

Knowing who you are speaking to helps a lot in designing customized content. Just like other social media users, Tumblr appreciates some attention thrown their way.

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