Promote your product via Vine

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If you want a fast and effective way to promote your product, you should use Vine. Vine is a video-sharing app from Twitter. The mobile video sharing service allows you to make short looping videos to share on Twitter and Facebook and also on the Vine network.

Why is Vine so popular? Businesses these days are open to use video or images as a marketing tool. Businesses try to engage via Vine instead of articles and blogs. Guest blogging and posting articles is not wrong. If the content is good, then it is great to read and good to share. But no matter how well you write, a visual is worth a thousand words. That’s the reason behind the rising popularity of Vine as a social media marketing tool.

Nowadays, a lot of people have access to internet on their smartphones, so they are in connection with the social media. They want to see a video on their phone and not read a article or a blog.

In the case of an article, they will probably read the first paragraph or two. In case of a six-second looped video, they will see the whole content. That makes it a perfect tool for a product or brand promotion. You should be aware of the 6 seconds rule but if you have a creative team you can do everything, also making a Vine video.

Representing a product or a brand in 6 seconds can be a daunting task. Just keep in mind that vines need to be short, creative and entertaining.

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