Planning tips for your next Social Media event!

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By G+ Author: KJ Mason.

Yesterday, June 30th, was Mashable’s fourth annual Social Media Day! Did you celebrate?


All across the world, people were tweeting, instragramming photos and videos, posting videos on Vine, sharing with friends on Facebook, and also meeting up at numerous meet-up events held in major cities to small towns! Mashable launched the event in 2010 as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. Everyone was invited to join fellow social media enthusiasts by hosting or attending a Social Media Day Meetup in your area.



But if you didn’t celebrate, or want to keep the fun going, why not schedule another event? We use social media every day in our lives to connect with friends, family,coworkers, and loved ones. Do you need any other excuse to party?

Alright, we got your excuse covered – but now WHERE are you going to go? Sometimes planning an event and meetup isn’t easy, so that is why we, and mostly Offsite NYC, are here to help!


There is no other space quite like OFFSITE, where you’re inspired to think more freely,work more collaboratively, and explore ideas more creatively. Relax and enjoy as OFFSITE becomes your personal venue. Wander across our three levels to find your “sweet spot.” Use our floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls to capture your free-flowing ideas. Sync your presentation or favorite films to the largest TVs on the market, or to our digital smart board. Showcase your products on our custom-designed 50-foot display wall. Whatever your need, OFFSITE is molded to spark innovation and allow creativity to thrive in whichever room best suits your needs.

Professionally designed by Ovadia Design Group, OFFSITE is primed to host your next private meeting or social event.



Offsite, one of Manhattan’s greatest venues for events, meet-ups, parties, and corporate meetings, lends to us a great list of 5 tips to planning your next awesome event:

1. Have an agenda and share it with the venue.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but internal corporate meetings and events are often informal and client-led. While the VP of Marketing may know how to give a great presentation, she may not have thought of setup, timing and tech. When the venue knows the plan, they’re better able to adapt and react.

2. Let them know who they’re dealing with. We all know what happens when there are too many cooks in the kitchen – no one gets to eat! Make sure that the venue knows who has authority at your event to avoid conflict and headache.

3. Plan your setup thoughtfully. Just because a venue has a default setup for their space doesn’t mean it’s the right one for your meeting or event. A classroom setup may be standard, but perhaps seating arranged in a circle is more conducive. Decide what’s right for you and ask the venue to have the space set up to your liking for your arrival.

4. Take advantage of all the offerings. To really make an impression on your client, find out what’s included with your venue rental and take advantage of all the bells and whistles. Every venue has an answer to the question, “what makes your special?” Maybe it’s unique high-tech or incredible layout options. Don’t be afraid to ask – chances are the venue will want to show off with you!

5. Know what you’re getting. To avoid a surprising bill at the end of your event, make sure you understand what’s covered in the price of your rental. Some venues are all-inclusive (like ours!), while others may charge for things like wifi, breakout rooms and a la carte refreshments. Even if you expect extra charges, you’re more likely to get a deal if you address additional costs up front.

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