Pinterest Marketing Tips For Your Business

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Over the years, pinterest is one of the social media channels that is growing rapidly, aside from instagram and twitter. Many people are already into this social media platform because they are free to share crafts, quotes, fashion, photographer, and more. However, this is not only about sharing images because pinterest can do more than that. In fact, it can make a big impact on online businesses.

Pinterest is a photo-sharing site that most marketers and entrepreneurs used to drive social shopping and urge audiences to collect and share images of their favorite products.


Through this channel, you can increase high amounts of traffic to your business site. High traffic means more customers and sales. If you want to achieve more leads, more profit, and positive return on investment, you need to practice social media marketing, one of the pillars of cost- effective and successful marketing campaign.

To get started with it, begin establishing your Pinterest account and follow these tips.


1. Aim to educate, inform, and entertain your audience

Stay relevant in the pinterest community by educating and providing informative content to your audience. Give your visitors a fun experience by making your content graphically (infographics) and visually appealing. To make your presence in pinterest valuable, be consistent in sharing high-quality content that entertains, educates and inspires your audience.


2. Showcase creativity

Most users in this platform are creative people. They have their own techniques on how they can attract more followers and potential customers. Do not get left behind and get your creative juices flowing by thinking outside the box ideas for your pin boards. You need to be unique and creative to have lots of repins, likes, and comments. Create your own style and become interesting to your target niche.


3. Pin regularly

Consistency builds brand’s success. Make sure to keep your pinterest boards updated. Don’t miss to upload new pins or follow other users to add value to your profile and earn new followers everyday.


4. Stick to your brand’s personality

Brand building is essential in the market world. This is a primary component in setting your business apart from the crowd. Identify the personality of your brand and work out what your business stands for. Direct selling is not a good strategy in pinterest marketing, you must add value to your target niche in order to keep and attract more customers.


5. Be mindful of audience’s interest

This is a best place to discover the interest of your target market. Follow other users and find out what inspires them and what’s popular these days. By knowing your potential customers, you can easily position your brand in the marketplace.


6. Promote User Engagement

To achieve customer engagement, you need to interact with your potential clients. As they repin, like, or comment in your account, be active in giving response. This is just a simple way in fostering good conversation and interaction with the audience. If your pinterest account is accessible you can easily gain trust from your audience and set up positive brand identity. Don’t forget to use names and tags . It will help you step ahead of the large majority of users.


Thanks to Amber for her guest submission on Growing Social Media! Amber Stanley is a full-time writer in one of the best essay websites in town. She is a Communication Studies graduate and has a huge interest in Arts. Feel free to add her in google+ or visit her website Art of Amber.


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