Pinterest launches its first API!

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There was a lot of speculation in the past few months but last week Pinterest has announced the release of its API. With the advent of this new item Pinterest will increase its reach.


Pinterest is very popular, especially for women. With this new release, Pinterest will make existing pins more useful to sites and brands, and also make it easier for people to post to Pinterest. Both of these will also help Pinterest string its data together in a more actionable way.

Now also third-party sites can use the pins which will make its easier to post content into Pinterest itself. Pinterest has a lot of initial partners such as Walmart and Disney. These initial partners will take advantage of this new opportunity. These partners can now showcase their most popular Pins right on their own websites and mobile apps.

The release of the Top Pins API includes a lot. Domain search, most recent and related pins. There will follow a lot of new features in the future, like buttons and widgets.



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