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The holidays are coming closer. The playlists on your iPhone will be changing, you’ll start thinking about holiday gifts for your family and friends. What also is going to change are the boards on Pinterest. Did you already start your board on Pinterest with your decorating pins and Christmas trees?


Gift lists



On Pinterest you can create different ‘boards’. For the holidays you can create ideas for your customers. Why not creating a gift list? Several gift lists, for your mom, friend, brother etc. You should be inspiring for your customers during these holiday days.

Showing the pins of your customers


Do you represent a food market or grocery shop? Ask your customers to pin pictures of their recipes what they’ve created with your products. You can make a board with all these pins in it to show to potential and existing customers. These pins can inspire your customers.

Fashion collections board


Businesses can also use Pinterest for creating more reach and sales. For example, if you have a fashion shop, you can make a board for each new collection. If you are very dedicated, you can use rich pins, which means that you provide your pins with more information of your product (price, fabric).

With a little bit of effort you can give your customers inspiring and brand new ideas for the upcoming holiday days!



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