Photos In Direct Messaging Is Twitter’s New Feature

Twitter Direct Messaging

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Direct messaging feature is now possible in Twitter when it announced the latest update for iPhone & Android applications. Now, “Direct Messaging” (DM is short) have a popular place on Twitter’s main navigation bar, along with timeline and notifications.

Even photos can be sent by Direct Messaging (DMs). Now, Twitter can compete with the photo-sharing websites; big time with this feature. But many Tweeples (users of Twitter) are surprised because a majority of them didn’t even know that the micro-blogging site had a private messaging feature because previously it was not that well surfaced. Twitter is now capitalizing on DMs as its central feature, stamping the fact that Twitter is not just about 140-word tweet or following a popular celebrity. By this feature, Twitter audaciously states that it cares as much about private messaging as it cares for broadcasted tweets.

Previously, using TwicPic the photo would be posted on your timeline and would be available to all your followers. If your privacy is not ON (profile not protected), any visitor to your profile can view it. So uploading a picture on Twitter was quite risky as everybody had access to your photo upfront. Thus, Twitter is now piercing into the area that the popular application like WhatsApp deals in.

There was also news in the social media that Twitter was launching its own messaging app in order to arrest the growing popularity of WhatsApp. We can never articulate if the news was true or not, but Twitter by launching this feature has certainly created some news in the social media.

With DM upgrade, Twitter has also enhanced the touch screen feature. Touch screen phone users can now just swipe through different timelines. “Home” will be your default timeline, swiping right will show you other timelines with their highlighted tweets.

Twitter private message service

Direct Messaging replaced the then-highlighted “Discover” timeline, which was on Twitter’s navigation bar. This move to include photos in direct messaging is well-received from almost all users, barring few exceptions.

Although Twitter is a huge trendsetter and one of the websites at the summit, it always brings out something to break the monotonousness and give to keep followers interested. Twitter is continuously trying to hold its own forte, and so far is being successful.

By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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