New Year, New App: PHHHOTO Makes Gifs Personal

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Two Internet sensations collide when gifs get a social media app. PHHHOTO allows people to create  and share instant moving pictures. But the app is more than a shorter Vine or another photo sharing platform: it’s an artistic experience for social media users who are bored of the typical options.



Gifs have always been welcomed by the online community, as seen on Tumblr and shared in BuzzFeed articles. But PHHHOTO allows people to take a burst of four photos, pick a filter, add a caption, and share on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. There is now a personal perspective to gifs. These gifs showcase users spending time out with friends or capturing nature, not just capturing your favorite TV scenes like most gifs. It’s nice to see such a popular concept like gifs appealing to our daily lives and media sharing habits.



Users can discover accounts using the WOW tab. People can also try to find friends by importing people from Twitter, Facebook or their contacts. Despite Vogue Magazine voting the PHHHOTO as the best app this year, you’ll find that the app is relatively unknown. Perhaps it will take some time before people check the PHHHOTO dashboard regularly. Therefore people will likely continue to upload their PHHHOTOs to Instagram, where users may have a greater following, until the app becomes more widespread. However, we suspect that when more celebrities join Katy Perry, their fan bases will follow and propel the app. 

PHHHOTO also introduced a photo booth-like setup for events, geared toward brand kickoffs and weddings. In the future, we hope to see more filters from PHHHOTO. With the current version having 4 ½ stars on iTunes, will you be the first of your friends to download PHHHOTO? What are your favorite PHHHOTO uploads so far?

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