Old Facebook Design 2004 through 2008!

old facebook

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Happy Throwback Thursday social media gurus! We’re about to make you feel old, well, in terms of social media usage that is (we know you’re not really old).

Do you remember the good old days? Yes, I am referring to the days when Facebook was the only social media outlet that was really out there? Think hard, this is back before the struggle of balancing 10 different social media accounts (on a daily basis) was a thing.

Think about how simple it was?

  1. Step 1: Log on (after you finished your homework of course).
  2. Step 2: Check out your friend’s “Senior Trip” album.
  3. Step 3: Comment on a few photos.
  4. Step 4: Be on your merry way.

We knew you remembered! My oh my how time flies when the world is shifting digital, right?

Today we would like take you on a trip back in time. Let’s take a minute to reflect on these simpler times, times when social media networking was selective to only college students and parents  re-connecting with their high school buddies after 20 years was unheard of.

We know that the Timehop app reminds you of what YOU looked like when Facebook was just getting started, but just
incase you forgot, here’s what Facebook looked like during your awkward stage! Presenting Facebook 2004-2008.

Click the image to enlarge.

Old Facebook designs and updates throughout the years!

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