New York Fashion Week’s Most Engaging Brands!

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If you have read our previous post about New York Fashion Week, you already know about the best fashion brands and their social media campaigns during this season’s Fashion Week. Here they are again, but somewhat more visual this time!

Which social media campaign did you like the most? We would like to know!



Designer Rebecca Minkoff paired up with Keek to give her followers sneak peeks of the preparation of her fashion show and exclusive short interviews with her models.
Marc Jacobs dominated Fashion Week’s social media with the #MJDaisyChain hashtags camapign and the pop-up shop where you paid with tweets and received Daisy fragrance samples in exchange!
And Tommy Hilfiger gave its fans what they wanted to see behind-the-scenes with the Social Concierge campaign. Just post on Facebook what you what images you want to see and Hilfiger gives you what you want!

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