New York Fashion Week And Social Media

New York Fashion Week And Social Media

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As Fashion week is doing the rounds around the globe, it has set American glamour industry blazing hot. The acme event of the American Fashion World is always very swanky, and the whole world gets set their eyes to its razzmatazz. Now, thanks to social media, any high-profile event can be witnessed from any part of the world live, and NYFW is no different. The Fashion Week is itself a showcase event, and social media is exactly just the showcase pieces in their own right. Thus, two things with the similar attributes will have to embrace each other. And really, both of them have hugged each other affectionately.

Obviously, the devotees of fashion stormed the photo-savvy websites like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and other such websites. The large scale glitzy events that took in the Fashion Week were witnessed step by step and the live news feeds came on coming with images. So the glamour enthusiasts attended the Fashion week cent percent without actually being in the city of the statue of liberty, where the Fashion Week occurred.

NYFW live

Even the social media had made special provisions for covering the NYFW, and there is a gossip that they are providing the impact spectators with all they just need. For example, Pinterest is providing its own content hub for NYFW with everything related to the spectacle getting uploaded there. The content hub is such a way that the retail-heads, brands, designers, media channels, bloggers can curate a feed of photographs and videos across the style media.  Brands that are using this content hub are Oscar de La Renta, Style Network, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, Zac Posen, Tiffany & Co and so on. The users can look at the event at the inspirational board from likes of renowned fashion designer Kate Spade and such. Pinterest is now a very robust platform to show the back-story of NYFW, which is not to be found elsewhere.

Twitter is trending with hashtags like #NYFW #MBFW #FashionWeek to get the personalized feeds and stuff. Tweeples can follow @FashionWeekNYC profile to get notifications from the same. Instagram will surely be used for the image following and seeing the descriptions and viewing the attires.

Social media making the fashion industry

Kiana Basu, fashion blogger at Sendible Insights, feels that live streaming is used by brands and designers to expand horizon to a greater audience. Individual channels on YouTube, UStream and Livestream provide them the audience that they can’t even count. Spectators can view NYFW insights live on New York Fashion Week Live, a big stop-hub that offers live streaming from Big4, and customized live feeds too.

And the perennial brand-promoting on Facebook can’t be ignored given its lion share’s hold on social media. There are Facebook pages for every different product, groups, designers and brands. The Facebook live-stream of Tadashi Shoji is available on its official page at slotted timings. There’s an extensive brand promotion on Facebook with the massive user responses, making the NYFW communication better with its basic audience. There is also an official page of NYFW that promotes its brands, and cover the folding of the event step by step.

The New York Fashion Week has always been one of the top affairs for fashion fiestas, celebrities and trendy classes. It has grown with blogging and online means, but social media gave NYFW a new whole dimension and has actually transformed the way of its historical connotation. The social media has made the prestigious event, once a dream for commoners, and head to their home. Now you feel like you are dining with a celebrity, thanks to social media!

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