New York Fashion Week Used These 5 Social Media Apps

New York Fashion Week

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With all eyes on New York this past week, during this year’s annual New York Fashion Week ( September 8 through September 15, 2016) it’s no surprise that social media marketers took full advantage of fashion lovers and their use of social media to capture and view event coverage.

A tip to social media marketers everywhere, here is how 5 popular social media platforms were worked into a world renowned event in order to reach fans and followers, and create a mass of fashion centered social media engagement.


This year, low and behold, one of the most popular apps for tracking New York Fashion week 2016 is Snapchat. Here’s why.

With Snapchat, users get the utmost “behind the scenes” or “feels like you’re there” experience. Snapchat users can not only follow celebrities and watch them attend the shows of their favorite designers, but NYFW followers on Snapchat can also gain personal insights about designers, and featured clothing items.

Here’s the real kicker, in a way, Snapchat users also gain access to a free front row seat and a first look at NYC Fashion Week shows as they are happening! What a way to save a pretty penny on fashion week tickets.

While we’re at it, let’s not forget about the way Snapchat let’s fashion lovers be their own reporters. Snapchat users, located in NYC and the surrounding area can submit photos and videos of their own to be featured on the New York Fashion Week Snapchat Story.

New York Fashion Week


Instagram stays in the New York Fashion Week loop with photo and video postings on both the official Fashion Week account, utilized for all global Fashion Weeks: @fashion_week with 713K followers, and the specific to New York Fashion Week instagram account @nyfw with 103K followers.

The focus of the New York Fashion Week Instagram is all about the shows, photos and videos from the shows themselves make up the majority of their Instagram content. Follower engagement centers around comments on either the performance of the model on the runway or the featured items, sparking style interest.

During this week you can see both accounts sporting the New York Fashion Week hashtag: #NYFW

New York Fashion Week


When it comes to NYFW show updates, Twitter is the way to go. By following @NYFW, users can get a first look at runway video replays, hair and makeup moments and updates about shows in progress.

New York Fashion Week


Take a picture now and save it for later. Pinterest is the hot spot for categorizing photos from this year’s New York Fashion Week. If you want to take a look at a clothing line from a particular show, see the collaboration of designers involved in Fashion Week, or Pinterest is your social media resource.

New York Fashion Week


See all the trends in a quick-look blog environment. Tumblr is the resource for viewing the full collaboration of well-liked trends from the event all in one place. Think of it as bit of everything, where users can reblog their favorite photos and quick snippet videos to their own pages. 

New York Fashion Week


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