New ways people are using Instagram

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Instagram is a really popular photo-sharing app these days. It has been around since October 2010 but the way we are using Instagram today is quite different compared to four years ago.

Some trends that Instagram is best known for have stayed the same like the selfies, sunset photos, food photos and hashtag issues. In the beginning, we used a lot of filters and borders, but how many photos still include these features?

Here are a few new and unique ways that Instagram users apply to post content and interact with their followers.


Promotional contents

Businesses (and some individuals too) often launch contests on Instagram to generate more buzz about their offering and reach more potential followers or customers.

Business accounts will sometimes offer a chance to win something for free if users agree to take some kind of participating promotional action, like following them on certain social media sites, tag a friend and so on. Instagram contests help businesses go viral and keep their current followers interested in following them.

Business brand-building

Young people in general are often the first users to start using a new social network. Once it starts to catch on, everyone else starts joining and before you know it, every single business has created an account in an effort to stay relevant on the web and grab more attention.

There are tons of businesses active on Instagram. For a social network that thrives on visual content, it offers a great opportunity for businesses to show off their logos, product lines, current event snapshots so they can generate likes and comments from followers.

Professionally edited photo-sharing

In the beginning, Instagram was all about capturing moments in real-time. A lot of people still use it that way, but if you head over to the Explore tab to check out the most popular Instagram photos, you’ll notice that a lot of them are high resolution photos (without filters) that were most likely taken with a good quality camera, and possibly edited too.

Instagram has become much more than a platform for sharing what’s happening in the moment. It’s become a place to share the absolute best photos and moments.



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