New study: Top 15 American cities for social media jobs!

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San Francisco is one of the top American cities for social media jobs. And New York is hot for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn marketers.

But some of the cities on the list might surprise you., the world’s biggest job site, has quite a bit of insight into which jobs are hot where. The site has about 16 million jobs on-site at any given time and surpassed 100 million unique visitors back in March of this year I it matches more people with jobs than CareerBuilder,, and LinkedIn — combined). And it has just revealed a list of the top spots to find jobs in social media.

Not only is New York top dog in social media jobs — it has a huge lead over the number-two city, San Francisco. At 1,938, New York job listings with “social media” in the title or description more than doubled San Francisco’s total of 869.  Chicago might be a surprise number three, with 575 social media jobs.

Social media is getting popular, apparently, with marketers.

“We’ve seen social media go from the dorm room to the boardroom in the last decade,” Indeed communications director Amy Crow said in a statement. “Jobs with ‘social media’ in the title really only tell part of the story — 13 times that many jobs include ‘social media’ in the job description … including marketing, customer service, product design, and human resources.”

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Interestingly, social media is actually declining as a general job title, Indeed says. That’s due, paradoxically, to its increasing popularity as social media jobs become more specialized — now social media marketing pros are focusing on Vine, or Instagram, or Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Vine is up 154 percent, video is up 85 percent, and Instagram has jumped a massive 644 percent.

That makes sense, because mobile is getting more and more important in social media. Searches for “social media” and “mobile” are up 84 percent on Indeed.

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