New Social Media Platforms

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Mobile mania and “apps for everything” continues! What are some of the latest networks that we can expect to see our friends using? If you guessed new social media platforms, you are correct! Today we are going to show you four of the latest social media apps and platforms that have recently been released and are anxiously awaiting your download.


Hey, whats up, heyyo! Seriously, say hello to the first social media platform on our list: heyyo. Heyyo, which is available for both Apple and Android, lets users share 30 second group video calls.

Their tagline: “Never Miss a Moment,”

Their strategy (according to the Apple App Store): “Teleporters are hard to build. So we came up with heyyo. Be there live, in the moment, with all your friends.”

Here’s how it works!

One user begins a video call by taking a photo. The next step is to add friends, calls can hold up to four friends at once. If you video call a friend who is unavailable, your video or photo masterpiece will still be view-able upon their return to their device. Show your friends what your up to for 30 seconds and then get back to it!

New Social Media Platforms


Who loves to shop via social? Come on, I know you have caved in to at least one of those Facebook banner ads. Don’t worry, your not alone and this new social media platform is about to make things a whole lot easier. Introducing, Cosign.

Cosign, available for both available for both Apple and Android, gives social media users and avid online shoppers a new solution. That solution is shopping with an incentive. Shop for products that you already love, and the catch, be rewarded for sharing your post. Brilliant!

According to the Apple App Store, here is how it all works:

“In 4 easy steps, our technology transforms your photo gallery into an inventory of “shoppable” posts that your friends and followers can browse and buy.”

1. Snap or upload a picture of your favorite product.
2. Tag the product info.
3. Share it on your social media channels.
4. Earn money when a product purchase is made from your shared images.

If your a really dedicated shopper, it may interest you to know that Cosign… “is partnered with over 1200 brands and retailers and have over 13 million products in our database for you to for you to search, tag, share, and shop.”

Incentive enough for you? Happy shopping, and don’t forget that sharing is caring (and in this case rewarding)!

 1200 brands and retailers and have over 13 million products in our database for you to for you to search, tag, share, and shop.


See where the social media savvy influencers meet their fan bases! MOSH. brings brands, artists, causes, sports and celebrities even closer to their consumers as a new digital platform. MOSH. account holders will enjoy the full range of content opportunities – whether sharing quick status updates, high quality photos or long videos. Then fans can interact with their favorite brands on their pages with comments and voting.

Their tagline: “All your passions in one place.”

mosh new digital platform

Reporters and publishes are particularly drawn to MOSH. as seen in exclusive content from Rick Sanchez, Ruben Navarrette and Melissa Mahler. And influencers can count on any and all followers seeing every page update, unlike traditional social media platforms with selective algorithms. MOSH. clears the noise and puts influencers and fans in direct communication. 


We Heart It

Last, but certainly not least on our list of new social media platforms, we have: We Heart It (and we really do)!

We Heart It, available for both available Apple and Android users, lets photo lovers everywhere discover it all.

We Heart It holds various backgrounds for multiple devices, such as iPads or iPhones. In addition, the platform gives users access to inspiriting quotes, trips, adventures, fitness, makeup, and beauty content. If you are a big celebrity follower, you can even see what your favorite celebs like to “heart.” With We Heart It the curious mind in all of us can unlock hundreds of DIY projects and explore our favorite places and eats.

If sifting through your favorite things and stumbling upon new things to love sounds like you, We Heart It may just be your perfect match!

new social media platforms


Heard of any new social media platforms that you think we should know about? Let us know, comment below!

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