New Google Maps interface leaks ahead of Google I/O conference.

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By KJ Mason.

Rumor has it that Google Maps is getting a new interface with an interesting feature: a user can filter local searches to places recommended by friends on Google+.

If this move doesn’t demonstrate that Google+ is not another social networking site and that it should no longer be compared to Facebook or Twitter, I don’t know what else to say.

As a local business, directing your online marketing resources to building your presence on Google+, is the smartest thing you can do for your business right now. And Google is giving you a little more time to get your ducks in a row, because this new Google Maps interface will first launch on Desktops and laptops and only later will be rolled out to Mobile devices.

So if you want to reach your prospective customers, and you understand that word-of-mouth is now social interactions and is also how new businesses are being discovered, then you will higher an engagement manager to be the voice of your company, build your followers and local audience and begin discovering what they want from you.

Google hasn’t commented on when the new software will be released, but the Google Operating System blog that leaked this information, suggest it might happen in the upcoming I/O conference this month.


Reviews are now more important than ever.

A few of the upcoming updates to Google Maps include:

  • Disposal of the current sidebar
  • Location information will be displayed in pop-ups that appear on top of a full-screen map
  • Maps for mobile (Android) are coming soon.


Check out the awesome original article here!

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