#MyAmex Instagram Campaign generated 10 million Instagram impressions

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American Express experimented with an interesting concept when they decided to try to hand over their Instagram account to other Instagrammers to see if they could inspire a buzz. The #MyAmex campaign seems to have increased engagement by 23% through this 2 week campaign.

The selected Instagrammers posted a series of photos illustrating how AmEx impacts their businesses.

The #MyAmex posts generated 23% more engagement than the brand’s other Instagram pictures. AmEx also doubled its average number of Instagram followers for two weeks. The campaign generated more than 10 million impressions and 40,000 engagements in total.

The VP of Social Media Communications at AmEx, Mona Hamouly said they wanted their card members to be sharing the experiences of the brand through their eyes, so a good who better to share this than different people through their own personalized and creative outlook.

It’s a really clever way to personalize and humanize a brand and encourage emotional responses. Making it feel more like a person with an experience rather than associating them with a big corporation. You’re able to view the whole campaign on AmEx’s Instagram page. Got any thoughts? Do you like this campaign? Tell us in the comments!

via Adweek


Take a look at some of the posts for #MyAmex




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