Marketing Week NYC Kickoff Event! Meet the Founders of the Online Fashion Revolution

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This week is Marketing Week and of course, Growing Social Media couldn’t miss out! We attended the first event to kick-off this week: “Meet The Founders of the Online Fashion Revolution”.

On Monday, the founders of Rent The Runway (Jenny Hyman), Gilt ( Alexis Maybank) and Baublebar (Daniella Yacobovsky) shared their stories with us about founding their business and how they succeeded in doing it.

Here are some insider tips and personal experiences these ambitious female entrepreneurs shared with Growing Social Media!

1. Master new technology

All three women agreed that the biggest reason of failure when running an online fashion business is not understanding new technology to the fullest. Be sure to be up-to-date of the newest technology and how to use them!

2. An organic marketing approach is the way to do it!

It’s confirmed once again: an organic marketing approach is still the best way to marketing your online fashion business (and any other business!).
Use Google SEO metrics to research trends in your fashion market and to analyze your marketing approaches and campaigns.

3. Use social media wisely

If you run an online fashion industry, you can NOT leave out social media to promote and market your business! Social media is an extremely important branding tool and it gives your brand a personal touch and adds “a face” to the business.

Social media is also a very useful tools to manage customer support and get people engaged with your brand by organizing contests, specials events and sales promotions.

4. Establish an enjoyable business culture

Jenny from Rent The Runway really stressed the importance of having a business culture in which all employees feel comfortable and and are happy with. “A sustainable culture brings out the best in every one,” Jenny said.

5. Last words of advice

To end the panel, the three ladies each gave their best piece of advice.

– ” Make sure you know what you don’t know. Hire people that are smarter than you and learn from them!”
– “Have fun! Establish good relationships with co-workers, create the kind of environment you want to work in yourself and act like yourself!”
– “Don’t be afraid of failure. Make mistakes and learn from them.”

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